Frequently Asked Questions

Are your essential oils 100% natural and pure?

Yes they are. We offer several precious oils such as Jasmine Absolute in a 10% dilution

so as to make it more affordable for you and your customers.

How long can I store essential oils?

Generally when stored properly in a cool dark place, most oils will last for about 2 years.

Some oils such as Sandalwood and Patchouli get better with age. Some oils such as Lemon, or Tangerine can deteriorate at a faster pace.

Do any of your products contain animal ingredients?

No, they do not. Try our wonderful synthetic musk oils.

What is the difference between Essential and Fragrance Oils?

Essential Oils are 100% natural essences of a plant. Fragrance Oils are mostly compounds of synthetic and natural oils blended to smell identical to nature.

Do you sell retail?

No, we only sell our products to retail stores, manufacturers, massage therapists, and licensed practitioners for use in salons, and spas. We are a wholesale company only. Our minimum order as such, is $100.00

Do you give a discount for bulk quantities larger than one pound? 

Yes, we give a discount of at least 10% for quantities of five pounds, or more of an oil shipped in a gallon container. Please call at 646-279-4885 or email your inquiries.